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AJR Industrial provides professional landscaping and snow removal services to Wisconsin businesses and large residential properties. We utilize the newest state of the art equipment to provide quality service to clients such as Harley-Davidson, Summerfest, and the City of Milwaukee. We invite you to read more on this page, look around our website, and give us a call when you're ready to make your dreams a reality!

Company Features in Depth

• Lawn Care & Landscaping - We offer modern, professional lawn care and landscape design services that will knock your socks off. Whether you need to draw attention to your business or you want to be the envy of your entire neighborhood, we've got just what you need.

• Vehicle Washing & Detailing - We offer fast, high quality mobile vehicle washing and detailing services that are guaranteed to meet your time and quality needs. Our extremely high level of performance and professionalism is what has allowed us to maintain our contract for the GMI Airport parking shuttles for decades!

• Trucking Services - Our quad axel dump trucks can handle the transportation of a variety of materials including gravel, stone, dirt, concrete, and more! We are constantly improving the process, ensuring the safety of your cargo, the community, and our drivers alike.

• Snow Maintenance & Removal - We all snow for the first five minutes, until we remember what it's like to clean it up. Thankfully, here at AJR Industrial we've got the right tools for the job and we just love showing them off. If you're sick of shoveling or you want to minimize groundskeeping costs, pleases don't hesitate to give us a call!

• Janitorial Services - Our commercial cleaning services consistently receive high customer satisfaction reports due to our never ending commitment to speed, quality, and efficiency. We have been serving as the General Mitchell International Airport cleaning crew since 2004, keeping the floors walked on by tens of thousands of people spotless every single day. Call now to learn how we can do the same for your company!

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